Sustainable Science Symposium

April 15, 2020

cancelled due to covid and its consequences

The future of science is more than just reproducibility or access. At the Sustainable Science Symposium, we aim to go beyond these recurrent topics.

We are interested in the prevalence of power and privilege in research, and their interaction with open science and access. We aim to provide a space to discuss important but often disregarded topics such as intellectual property and copyright of research output, scholarly communication, infrastructural governance, and how to venture beyond the traditional sphere to connect to marginalized communities.

Join us in a day of radical and uncompromising thought about the sustainability of science in all its shapes and forms!

What will the day look like? [subject to change due to covid]

09.00-10.00 Reception ☕️ 🍵

All day: Virtual poster exhibition (🚨 open call 🚨)

10.00-11.00 Round 1 talks by Sam Moore and Chris Meyns

11.00-11.30 Break 🍵 ☕️

11.30-12.30 Round 2 talks by Iris van Rooij and Anasuya Sengupta

12.30-13.30 Tasty all-vegan Lunch 🍌🥕🥙

13.30-14.00 Dogfood sessions 🐶 (🚨 open call 🚨)

14.00-14.05 Switch time

14.05-14.35 Dogfood sessions 🐶 (🚨 open call 🚨)

14.35-15.00 Break

15.00-15.30 Dogfood sessions 🐶 (🚨 open call 🚨)

15.30-15.35 Switch time

15.35-16.00 Plenary report back and closing

16.00-17.00 Drinks for the social people


Sam Moore has been providing poignant analyses of scholarly communication’s landscape governance and developments for years, foreseeing issues others missed or minimised.

Chris Meyns is a researcher working in philosophy and history of science. Their recent work in philosophy and history of science concentrates on the roots of the ‘information age’.

Iris van Rooij is a computational cognitive scientist, who has been vocal about the limits of new scholarly reform movements. She will provide a lens of scholarly reform that extends beyond the current movements, and give us food for thought

Anasuya Sengupta excites us with a sincere approach to changing systems for all the people involved. A co-founder of Whose Knowledge, she is an expert in representation of marginalized voices on the internet, cutting across deeply rooted issues in an inclusive way.


15 April 2020


You can buy your ticket for 15EUR here (if money is the issue, let us know and we'll see what we can do).

If you want to participate virtually, please get a ticket here.

We will also provide a livestream and subsequent recordings of the talks, if you're unable to make it.


We are experimenting with a mixed reality aspect to the meeting, which includes a Mozilla Hubs virtual room that contains both posters (🚨 open call 🚨) and a livestream of the talks. Physical attendees will have opportunities to join the virtual world as well.

Dogfood sessions

🚨 open call 🚨

These are short sessions where facilitators propose a concrete question within the theme of the conference. The collective brain power of the attendees is then available to generate individual answers, process these into collective trends, and produce some tentative answers for future work.

We welcome proposals until March 15th, 2020.

Virtual posters

🚨 open call 🚨

There will be a virtual world poster exhibition, available to both the local attendees and remote attendees. We will provide VR headsets for local attendees.

You can contribute any visual content: old / new posters, slide decks, even art!

We welcome submissions until March 15th, 2020.

General information


The venue is wheelchair accessible. The livestream will be captioned.


Accomodations in Tilburg are in high-demand during this week due to the Roadburn festival that takes place after the conference. Please be sure to make your lodging arrangements in time.

The conference takes place right next to the Tilburg Central train station, so you can also go to Breda or Eindhoven (only a twenty minute trainride away).

Child support

We can offer limited child support (50EUR) to facilitate the attendance of parents in need. Please send an email to if you are in need of that. The library venue is child friendly, including a gaming corner and lots of seating space.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to a Code of Conduct during the event, in order to provide a space for everyone to not be impeded contributing. The reporting protocol can be found here.


Questions can be sent to any of the organizers through

Who's organizing?

Neha Moopen, Esther Maassen, Chris Hartgerink

Who's sponsoring?

Liberate Science
Open Science Community Tilburg

CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication

Liberate Science GmbH
Wartenbergstraße 22
10365 Berlin
+49 162 68 18 225